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We understand that promotion is key for the growth of your business. No matter what your product and service is. That’s why we produce compelling promotional videos that drive results. Let’s use the power of promotional video to create content that your customers will love.

Music videos are one of the best ways to captivate an audience and communicate a message. As an experienced videographer and musician I'll collaborate with you to create an engaging music video, including providing any help with the concept, location, equipment, etc., while also skillfully directing and editing the music video to match your vision.


Του έρωτα και της φωτιάς

Zante Flair

Coffee Festival

Marios Mourmouras


Stoffa Coctail

Chris Mike - Limerence

Antony Kein - Compassion

Stavros Lantsias - Human Wonder

HO.RE.CA 2020 - Cortese Caffe

Neraida - Mirror of my soul

Stereo Soul - Shine

Hotel California - Eagles

Prog Metal Guitar cover by Chris Mike

Foivos - Eleanor Rigby

Bar Show Gazi - W.S. Karoulias

Fotis Delinikolas | Seasons

Antony Kein - Conception

Sneakers Fest powered by Stoli

Sonar Fest powered by Estrella

Μάριος Λαζ Ιωαννίδης

Έγχρωμο (Official Video)

KARTEΛ - Νέα Τάξη

George P. Lemos Ft. Stelios Karpathakis - Friendship

Marios Laz Ioannidis